Data Protection

Privacy Notice

How Information is used by the Educational Psychologist at Footsteps Psychology:

Types of Information Processed

When consent has been given for the Educational Psychologist to be involved with a person, information in relation to the person will be collected, held and used by the Educational Psychologist. Information in relation to the person might include their: name; address; date of birth; assessment findings; health, medical and care details; views; and family background. Some of the information gathered may be: sensitive information e.g. safeguarding information; and ‘personal data’ i.e. data relating to a person that can be used to identify a person. As well as collecting information about the person for whom consent has been received, personal information about other people may also be gathered, for example their family members. This information will only be gathered and used where the Educational Psychologist deems it relevant to the persons circumstances, the circumstances for which Educational Psychology involvement has been requested.

How Information is Collected

Information in relation to the person will be collected by the Educational Psychologist directly from the person or indirectly from other sources, such as parent/carer or other professionals involved with the person.

Why the Information is Collected and Used

Information in relation to the person will be collected and used to inform the Educational Psychologists understanding of the persons needs, and so that the psychologist can provide relevant and informed advice to you and to other adults working with the person. The Educational Psychologist will not use the data for any other purpose. The Educational Psychologist will only become involved with a child when signed consent for their involvement is received from the child’s parent or other adult with parental responsibility.

Who the Information is Shared With

The Educational Psychologist will share some or all of the processed information with the person for whom consent for Educational Psychology involvement was received (depending on age and ability), and the organisation/person that requested Educational Psychology involvement. The Educational Psychologist will not share the data with other parties without the consent of the parent/carers, apart from within exceptional circumstances where the law allows the Psychologist to do so. Exceptional circumstances in which data may be shared with other agencies without consent from the parent/carer include circumstances where there is immediate risk of substantial harm to self or others; or under a legal requirement, e.g. terrorism, drug money laundering; or via court order for disclosure.

Why we share pupil information

We share information so that your child’s needs can be understood and addressed.

How Information is Stored

Information in relation to the person, collected by the Educational Psychologist, will be held in paper and electronic format. Paper formatted information will be locked away in a lockable cupboard/filing cabinet. Electronically formatted information will be stored on a password protected: ‘electronic cloud’; laptop; and/or tablet.

Information in relation to the person will be held, as a minimum, for as long as is reasonably needed for the purposes explained in this notice (above). It may also be necessary for information to be kept after the piece of work with the person has ended, for example to ensure that an accurate record is available in the event of any challenges or further involvement. The information will be held for a maximum of 25 years. The persons data will be destroyed by deleting the electronically stored data and shredding the paper stored data.

Requesting access to personal data

Under data protection legislation, parents and pupils have the right to request access to information about them that is held by the Educational Psychologist. To make a request for your personal information, or be given access to your child’s educational record, contact Dr Jude Joughin (mail to:

You also have the right to:

  • object to processing of personal data that is likely to cause, or is causing, damage or distress
  • prevent processing for the purpose of direct marketing
  • object to decisions being taken by automated means
  • in certain circumstances, have inaccurate personal data rectified, blocked, erased or destroyed; and
  • a right to seek redress, either through the ICO (Information Commissioners Office, see further information), or through the courts

If you have a concern or complaint about the way your personal data is collected or used you should raise your concern with the Educational Psychologist at Footsteps Psychology in the first instance.


‘Jude has a relentless focus on ensuring that the right provision is effectively targeted for pupils. She sensitively brings in new ideas and research to improve current provision, and in developing deeper understanding of a wide range of SEND at both the practitioner and school level. Her casework is of the very highest quality and her leadership work has ensured that our schools have the capacity for future self-improvement.’

‘Jude has been a huge support to us at AGGS over the years she has worked with us. She has been invaluable both in terms of her guidance, advice and support of staff and her work with individual students. She has always been highly professional, positive and solution-focused, ensuring that we  support our young people in the most effective way possible.’

‘Jude has a wealth of knowledge and expertise and has supported us to develop our knowledge of how to support children who may face barriers to their learning. She worked alongside us to formulate strategies and solutions and has had a significant impact on how we work as a school.’

‘I value Jude’s expertise so much. As a Principal, it’s really important to have total confidence in the advice & guidance given around student support.  Specialist support for students is a priority for us and Jude’s input has made such a positive difference to our students and our staff.  I can’t thank her enough and would recommend her without any hesitation.’

‘Jude is effective in a whole school CPD capacity and has made a huge impact on whole staff knowledge which has impacted our ethos in the school. I will definitely be keeping her on speed dial.

Jude is knowledgeable, passionate and approachable. The students adore her and she is always able to provide effective strategies. She is also able to break down information for teaching staff in a manageable way allowing for strategies to be dispersed effectively throughout the school.’

‘Jude’s commitment to schools and pupils is exceptional; she frequently goes that extra mile.’

‘I worked with Jude for a number of years and she always provided invaluable guidance, support and advice.  She gave support directly to students, helped to offer solutions and practical suggestions to staff as well as working with parents/carers. This approach ensured that we were all implementing the most appropriate strategies for the young person.’

Jude is organised, professional, committed and established positive relationships with all stakeholders at the school. At all times, Jude followed the school policies and procedures in relation to safeguarding.’

‘Jude has worked closely with a number of schools I have lead and has always provided excellent support for students, staff and parents. Her expertise has helped us to improve provision and outcomes for a range of vulnerable pupils. I would recommend her to any educational establishment.’

‘Working with Footsteps has been a breathe of fresh air, Jude is all about making sure the right advice is delivered to the right people: those in the classroom.’

‘Jude has worked with Stanley Grove for a very long time. She was instrumental in devising and implementing a new behaviour policy for the school that was comprehensive yet simple to follow, based on the Positive Behavioural Interventions and Supports Framework.  As a result, our teachers have said that they feel better equipped to manage behaviour within the setting and empowered to create a positive climate for learning.’

‘O really took to Jude and within a week we had a report back and a meeting was booked with school to consider strategies for O. Since then he’s made much better progress and is now saygin that he enjoys school which is a big step!’

‘Jude is an extremely experienced educational psychologist whose vision and innovative approach successfully ensured a systemic approach to intervention and strategic professional development in order to meet the needs of pupils across a range of special and mainstream provision.’

‘Jude’s expertise was invaluable when implementing the School Wide Positive Behaviour Support approach at our school. Her experience and understanding of whole school change combined with research based knowledge resulted in successful pupil, parental and staff engagement.’

‘Thank you so much for your input with K. Things have changed massively for her and she’s now talking about further study after her GSCES. This wouldn’t have been possible without you and helping her to see things differently. Thank you.’