Legal assessments

gavel on grey wooden desk top in foreground and man in black shirt sitting at desk holding a pen and writing in a book or ledger out of focus in background – footsteps educational psychology medico-legal work

Footsteps Psychology has carried out a number of medico-legal assessments and educational tribunal assessments. Our duty is to the court and therefore we provide the court with objective, unbiased, expert opinions on matters within educational and child psychology.

Type of expert

We are available to be a single joint expert and as a party appointed expert.

Location of assessment

We carry out medico-legal and tribunal assessments nationwide. Where possible we meet with the young person in their educational setting.

Length of time an assessment takes

Legal assessments are in depth and comprehensive which means that there may be more than one meeting used to compile detailed information relating to an individual.

Typically the assessment is carried out over 4 -5 stages including meeting with the young person, meeting with the family/ carers and meeting with the school.
We use various assessments to arrive at a fair, balanced and evidence based conclusion.