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Footsteps Psychology believes that to directly impact quality first teaching and to build capacity within schools, training is a key ingredient.

Footsteps Psychology have a range of training packages which are ready to be delivered in schools. These packages can be adapted to suit the time allocated to the training slot.

In addition to our ready to go packages, Footsteps can create bespoke training packages based on your requirements.

Training Packages

Quality First Teaching

  • SEN Friendly Teaching
  • English as an additional language (EAL) and special educational needs (SEN)
  • Emotionally Literate me, my classroom and curriculum
  • Speech, Language and Communication Needs: what all teachers need to know
  • Praise: how to praise effectively
  • Insight into Autism
  • Supporting learners with sensory needs
  • Managing emotions in the classroom
  • Using play therapeutically
  • Child development
  • Adolescent development

Speech, Language and Communication

  • Social stories and comic strip conversations: Practical interventions for ASD
  • Introduction to SLCN at primary
  • Introduction to SLCN at secondary

Behind the behaviour

  • Attachment and its implications in the classroom
  • Insight into ADHD
  • School Wide Positive Behaviour Support: An introduction
  • Small things lead to big things: behvaiour management in the classroom
  • Anger, aggression and disruption
  • Loss, bereavement and change
  • Self harm: how to support within school
  • Anxiety: how to support within school
  • Domestic violence and its impact upon pupils
  • Working with self-esteem
  • Key relational needs: working with hard to engage pupils

Cognition and Learning

  • Precision teaching
  • Dyslexia
  • Dyscalculia
  • Literacy development

Mental health and mindfulness

Footsteps recommends The Alliance for Learning